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Each political science and international relations major is assigned a faculty advisor by the department chair when she declares her major. If a student is considering becoming major, she should make an appointment with the chair to talk about her interests and needs. The chair can then assign her to a compatible faculty member. Those interested in a minor in political science and international relations should also talk to the department chair.

It is the student's responsibility to make an appointment to see her faculty advisor at least twice a year, usually during pre-registration periods. If, for some urgent reason, a student must register without seeing her advisor, she should e-mail the advisor, listing the courses for which she has registered.

It is the responsibility of the faculty advisor to be accessible to students during posted weekly office hours, and to hold adequate office hours during registration periods. Because departments at Simmons are small, faculty usually get to know students well through informal as well as formal contacts. The faculty also sponsors activities specifically for majors that bring together professors, students, and those in the Simmons community interested in political theory and practice.

Political Science & International Relations Liaison

The vitality of the extra-curricular program in political science depends to a large extent on the energy and initiative of the Political Science and International Relations Liaison, a group of students who constitute themselves each year to sponsor faculty/student activities. Official student liaisons receive some funding from the Student Activities Committee and often undertake other fund-raising activities during the year. The Liaison is a wonderful way to form lasting mentor relationships with professors, to make contacts with other students, to develop leadership qualities, and to make one's undergraduate experience more exciting intellectually and rewarding personally.