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Housed in the School of Nursing and Health Sciences (SNHS), the Department of Nutrition offers undergraduate majors preparation for a variety of careers in dietetics, nutrition, and food science, and for graduate work in these areas.  It prepares students to become Registered Dietitians through the Nutrition and Dietetics major, which encompasses the Didactic Program in Dietetics.  The program provides opportunities for all students in the College to become knowledgeable about the fundamental principles of nutrition and food science and current scientific concepts of the relationship between diet and health.

Events & Community Involvement

Department of Nutrition Marion Mason Seminars

Each semester the Department of Nutrition hosts seminars on various topics in the nutrition, food science or food service fields.  These seminars are open to the general nutrition community in the greater Boston area.  All undergraduate nutrition concentrators are encouraged to attend.

Community Service Projects

The Department of Nutrition and the Nutrition Liaison lead and participate in many community service events, including:

  • Food Drives for the Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Food Baskets and other Volunteering for Community Servings
  • Sponsoring a Booth on Campus for National Nutrition Month in March
  • Blood Drives with other on-Campus Organizations for the American Red Cross
  • Working with Project Bread to create a Simmons Team at the Walk for Hunger
  • Mentoring the Boston Latin School Nutrition Club

Internships, Fieldwork Placements & Foreign Study Options

Simmons College affiliates with a variety of community agencies to provide a rich experience for both undergraduate and graduate students.  Sites used for their fieldwork experiences have included:

  • Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital
  • The Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Community Servings
  • The Boston Living Center
  • ABCD Head Start
  • Quincy WIC
  • The Joseph Smith Health Center
  • South Boston Health Center
  • Whittier Street Health Center
  • The Center for Young Women's Health
  • Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services

Post-Baccalaureate Opportunities

After graduation with a degree in nutrition students move on to a variety of experiences. Among these are careers in research, industry, education, health care, government, and entrepreneurial enterprises.

In addition to entering the work force, many students choose to continue their education. Simmons College offers a masters degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion, an online Certificate in Sports Nutrition, as well as a Dietetic Internship for those who are pursuing their Registered Dietitian credential.

Students matched to the Simmons College Dietetic Internship Program through the Internship matching process take one graduate level class and spend 33 weeks in locations such as:

  • The Massachusetts Department of Public Health
  • Massachusetts Community Health Centers
  • Acute care community hospitals
  • Nutrition education and counseling private practices and healthcare facilities