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Student Nurses Association

Student Nurses Association

Most academic departments at Simmons have an organization known as a liaison, which is comprised of students majoring in, or interested in, that field of study. Students are encouraged to become acquainted with the liaison member associated with each course that they take, as well as in their own department. Nursing Liaison changed its name to the Student Nurses Association.  Members plan educational and social functions to bring students and faculty together.

The Student Nurses Association coordinates educational programs for students. The SNA also coordinates social events, such as parties, alumni nights, and fund raisers for charities, such as food and clothing drives. We also raise money through activities such as bake sales and selling t-shirts. Money raised is used to support SNA functions and to send students to the annual NSNA conference. In the spring the SNA sponsors a health fair, the focus of which is the promotion of wellness among Simmons students.

The president and treasurer are elected from the senior class and the vice president from the junior class in the spring, for the following year. The secretary is elected in September from the sophomore class.

SNA meetings are open to all who wish to attend and officers are available to speak with students on an individual basis. It is a great way to meet fellow students and become involved in the Simmons community and the nursing programs.