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Sustain. Bus. Emerg. Mkt-China

Students who want to register for travel courses must first apply through the Colleges of the Fenway GEO Center on All requirements must be completed as listed on studio abroad before a student is accepted into a course. In addition to Simmons travel courses, other College of the Fenway courses are listed on the site. After registration on studio abroad, the GEO Center will ask for you to deposit for your course. The GEO will send the list of completed and accepted registrations to the Registrar. This is how you will be registered for the travel course. Interested students should create an account on studio abroad as soon as possible. Prereq.: MGMT 100 recommended. Examines leadership from an international perspective with a specific focus on cross-cultural and comparative theories of leadership, with special attention to the role of gender. Experiential immersion through pre-departure orientation, faculty-led international travel to a nation and post-departure comparative analysis with at least one other region besides the U.S. Builds inter-cultural competence through exercises, cases, meetings with local women leaders, and cultural orientation. Staff.

Course details

  • Course number: MGMT-245M
  • Credits: 4.00
  • Academic Level: Undergraduate
  • Currently Offered: Yes
  • Course Type: Lecture


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