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Below, you will see a sample list of Honors courses.  See the Overview > Curriculum page of the Honors website for a clearer understanding of first-year (100-level) courses.  Students must register for first-year Honors courses through the Honors Director, but may register online for their other Honors classes using the college registrar's AARC2 system.  You may also download the 3-year course outlook to see which (200 to 300-level) courses will be available in upcoming semesters.

Changes and updates may occur.  For the most current course offerings, students should check with the Honors Director, the bulletin at C313, or Honors Program Group postings on the MySimmons Portal for the most current course offerings.

Multicultural Awareness

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 3 Courses
Honors Sem HON-102 3.00 Lecture
First-year Seminar HON-101 3.00 Lecture
Crit. Thinking, Pub. Speaking HON-190 1.00 Lecture

International Perspectives

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 5 Courses
Pol.Uph. & Expres.20th Ce.LA HON-202 4.00 Lecture
Islam and the West HON-203 4.00 Lecture
Dialogue: France & Francophone HON-204 4.00 Lecture
Conflict & Identity in Sudan HON-201 4.00 Lecture
Colonial Legacy of Africa HON-205 4.00 Lecture

Interdisciplinary Approaches

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 8 Courses
Sustainability & Clim. Change HON-308 4.00 Lecture
Specimens and Collections HON-305 4.00 Lecture
Specimens & Collections HON-304 4.00 Lecture
Sexuality, Nature, and Power HON-302 4.00 Lecture
Private Lives, Public Debate HON-301 4.00 Lecture
Pol. Psyc.- Influ. Wmn. Ldrs. HON-310 4.00 Lecture
HIV/AIDS Inter. of Sci & Soc HON-303 4.00 Lecture
Covering War HON-306 4.00 Lecture

Disciplinary Depth

Course Name Number Credits Type
Total 1 Courses
Transitions:grad School&beyond HON-390 1.00 Lecture