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Faculty Projects

Date: April 29, 2013

Professor Laura Prieto recently contributed to the online review volume, _Subjecting History_, edited by Trevor Getz and Thomas Padilla. Her essay is titled "In Loving Memory of her Little Girl: Past, Present, and Place in the Gladys Potter Garden." _Subjecting History_ is a collection of over a dozen essays, global in scope, about alternative ways of studying, commemorating, remembering, and contesting the past. Its purpose is to explore how we can build a more democratic process for understanding the past and its role in society today. The seventeen essays comprise a collaboration between professional scholars and the public to explore the way that we individually and collectively interpret events from the past. This collaboration occurs in the digital space of, where scholars and members of the public are invited to comment publicly on the papers that are of interest to them.

Professor Prieto has also contributed to The Beehive, the official blog of the Massachusetts Historical Society. Her entries can be found on their website under the titles "Guest Post: Research Fellow Finds More Than She is Looking for in Sarah Louisa Guild's Diary" and "Guest Post: Uncovering A Passionate Friendship".