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Major in Early Childhood Education

Major in Early Childhood Education

Beginning with the Class of 2015, the Early Childhood undergraduate major will no longer be offered. Students may add on the Early Childhood license once they have obtained an initial Elementary license.

The Early Childhood Teacher (PreK-2) program is now Early Childhood: Teacher of Students With and Without Disabilities (PreK-2). This program is for those who wish to be licensed to teach PreK-Grade 2 or be licensed by the Office of Childcare Services (formally the Office for Children).

Stage I. Fundamentals of Education in the Inclusive Classroom (Common Core) (8 semester hours)

The following courses are required for all general education and ESL majors:

  • *EDUC 156 Schools in an Era of Change (freshman or sophomore year)
  • *GEDUC 460 Teaching Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom (junior year)
    *Includes fieldwork

Students will be evaluated for writing competence at the conclusion of EDUC 156 and must be recommended by the faculty to advance to GEDUC 460. Students will again be evaluated after completion of GEDUC 460. Those students who have not demonstrated strong academic and literacy skills will be offered other options and will work closely with their advisors to find a match for their child-related interests in a non-licensed field.

Stage II. Subject Matter Core (40 semester hours)

  • BIOL/PHYS 103 Great Discoveries in Science
  • HIST 100 World Civilizations I: Pre-Modern Societies
  • HIST 140 History of American Civilization I: 1607-1877
  • ENGL 313 Survey of Literature for Children and Young Adults
  • MATH 115 Number System and Algebra for Elementary School Teachers
  • NUTR 111 Fundamentals of Nutrition Science
  • PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychological Science
  • PSYC 235 Developmental Psychology
  • SPND 446 Learners with Special Needs
  • One art or music course chosen with advisor

Stage III. Licensure Preparation (36 semester hours)

  • EDUC 108 Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  • EDUC 381 Practicum in Early Childhood: PreK—K
  • EDUC 386 Practicum in Early Childhood: 1—2 (12 semester hours
  • EDUC 308 Seminar in Teaching and Learning at the Early Childhood and Elementary Levels
  • GEDUC 462 Curriculum for the Early Childhood Classroom
  • GEDUC 464 Reading and Language Arts for the Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom
  • GEDUC 467 Math for the Early Childhood and Elementary Classroom

Strongly recommended:

  • GEDUC 424 Integrating Educational Technology in the Classroom