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Major in Early Childhood Education/Social Studies

Joint Major in Social Studies and Education

(36 semester hours)

This joint major is designed for elementary, early childhood, and special education majors. Courses selected offer the best preparation for the social studies curriculum now mandated by the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and taught in public school classrooms, and are designed to prepare candidates for the MTEL subject matter test now required of all teacher candidates.

Students should work closely with their advisers in the education and history departments to plan a course of study. In addition to the courses prescribed in the joint major, students should take courses to complete the subject matter core required for licensing (Stage II) as well as courses that fulfill the College requirements.

Students who plan to pursue the five-year bachelor's-master's program will have more flexibility in course selection and electives.

American History (8 semester hours):

  • HIST 140 History of American Civilization I: 1607-1877
       or HIST 241 Revolutions in the West
  • U.S. history course above the 100-level that includes material from the 20th century

World Civilization (8 semester hours):

  • HIST 100 World Civilizations I
       or HIST 222 Greek and Roman History
  • Non-U.S. history course above the 100- level that focuses on a period of history since the Renaissance.

Economics (8 semester hours):

  • ECON 100 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics

Political Science (4 semester hours):

  • POLS 101 Introduction to American Politics

Depth (8 credits):

  • Two courses above the 100 level, chosen from history or political science and international relations.

Note: Many of the courses in this major include courses in the subject matter core and the modes of inquiry.