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Major in Web Design & Development

Major in Web Design & Development

Joint major with the Computer Science Department

Step One: Core

The core classes focus on providing students with a foundation for the other steps in their major. COMM 121 Visual Communication COMM 210 Introduction to Graphic Design CS 112 Introduction to Programming

Step Two: Developmental

  • COMM 240 Intermediate Graphic Design I: Typography
  • COMM 244 Web I: Design for the World Wide Web
  • CS 113 GUI and Event-Driven Programming
  • IT 320/CS 321 Web Services and Web-Centric Computing

Step Three: Electives

  • Students take two electives, not all from the same discipline (CS/COMM)
  • CS 227 Computer Networks
  • CS 327 Security Issues in a Networked Environment
  • COMM 246 Digital Imaging for Design
  • CS 333 Database Management Systems
  • COMM 248 Intermediate Graphic Design II: Type and Image
  • COMM 340 Advanced Design
  • IT 343 Systems Analysis & Design
  • COMM 333 Web II: Motion Graphics for the Web

Step Four: COMM 344 Senior Seminar/Storytelling