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Graphic Design Concentration

Major in Communications: Graphic Design Concentration

Students may pursue a design concentration focusing on print, web, multimedia, or a combination.

Prerequisites/Requirements Outside the Communications Department
May be taken concurrently with the Communications core.

The following three studio art courses:

  • ART 111 Introduction to Studio Art: Drawing
  • ART 112 Introduction to Studio Art: Color
  • COMM/ART 138 Introduction to Photography and the Traditional Lab

Plus one of the following courses to satisfy the prerequisite in art history:

  • ART 141 Introduction to Art History: Egypt to Mannerism
  • ART 142 Introduction to Art History: Baroque to the 20th Century
  • ART 249 History of Photography
  • Design History at Mass Art or other university with consent of design advisor.

Step Two: four required courses

  1. COMM 210 Introduction to Graphic Design
  2. COMM 240 Intermediate Graphic Design I: Typography
  3. COMM 248 Intermediate Graphic Design II: Type and Image
  4. COMM 340 Advanced Design

Step Three: two electives, at least one at the 300-level

  1. COMM 244 Design for World Wide Web
  2. COMM 246 Digital Imaging for Design
  3. COMM 262 Media Convergence
  4. COMM 320 Media and the First Amendment
  5. COMM 322 Digital Cultures: Communication and New Media
  6. COMM 328 Special Topics (when appropriate)
  7. COMM 333 Web II: Motion Graphics for the Web

Step Four: COMM 344 Senior Seminar/Storytelling