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As interns you can expect to develop skills in goal setting, assertive communications, time management and presentation of work. Depending on the type of internship you are interested in you could be responsible for coordinating projects, writing proposals, proofreading and editing collateral, creating media lists, attending press conferences, researching media trends, or designing brochures and websites. The success of your internship lies in being professional, motivated and passionate about everything you do.

Before the Semester Begins

  • Complete the application form and turn in to the Simmons' Internship Program Director.
  • Attend a required orientation meeting as soon as possible. Scheduled time will be posted around the Communications Department.
  • At the orientation meeting, sign up for a placement conference where you and the Internship Program Director will discuss your goals, interests and available opportunities. Bring your registration form for a consent signature. Student must prepare a cover letter and resume prior to the placement conference. If you need help preparing or updating your resume, please go to the Career Education Center.
  • Send out your cover letters and resumes to the list of potential sponsors. Follow-up your letter with a phone call to set up an interview.
  • You will be required to go out on at least three interviews at three different potential sites.
  • Contact the Internship Program Director about your final placement decision. Write to and/or telephone sponsors who interviewed you to accept/decline the internship at their site and thank the interviewer(s) for his/her time.
  • Meet with your sponsor to complete the internship contract prior to start of class. Make a copy of the contract for yourself and submit the original to the Internship Director.

Internship Responsibilities

  • Complete the steps outlined above to obtain an internship.
  • Maintain contact with the Internship Program Director throughout the length of the internship.
  • To earn four semester hours from Simmons you must work 8—10 hours per week at your internship, eight semester hours requires 16—20 hours per week at your internship.
  • Develop a specific work plan with the field sponsor outlining the learning objectives, job duties, and growth of responsibility.
  • Complete the written assignments on professional issues, a final paper and research project, and participate in weekly seminars.
  • Makes an oral presentation of internship experience to students and faculty.
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the sponsoring organization, perform assigned duties thoroughly and competently, and maintain professional conduct.


Is there any cost to me as a student applying for an internship?
Yes, you do pay for the credits accrued, like any other class at Simmons.

When should I start looking for an internship?
For the fall semester, you should start in the April of the prior spring. For spring, you should start by October. For the summer semester, you should start by February of that year.

Where can I get leads on internships?
The Internship Program Director has a comprehensive database of possible sites. The Career Education Center also lists internships and the web is a great search tool for possibilities.

How many places should I apply to?
You should apply to at least six sites, possibly as many as ten, to ensure that you are called in for three required interviews.

What should I use as a writing sample if they are required?
You can submit short papers from classes like Intro to PR, Writing for PR, Journalism, Feature Writing or anything else that demonstrates your ability to express written ideas in a clearly.

What should I wear to an interview?
Day-to-day dress for the workplace is usually more casual then your interview attire. So dress professional.

What happens if I go to an interview and I don't hear anything?
When you leave an interview for an internship, ask the person when you will be contacted about the position. If you do not hear from the interviewer, it is appropriate for you to call that person back to inquire about the status of the internship after a week.

How long does it take to get an internship placement?
This depends entirely on your availability and the availability of current openings. Placement is a process where we try to match up many factors, so start early.

Will I get paid for the internship?
Some internships are paid positions.

What will my schedule be like day to day?
A set schedule should be established before you start working that will depend on how many credits you are trying to earn.

Can I expect a job offer from my internship?
There is no guarantee of a permanent position at your site, however employers like hiring interns because they are already familiar with their work style and ethic. Do your best and see what happens.

What if I have a problem with my work or co-workers?
If you are having a problem at work, remember:

  • Keep work problems separate from personal ones. Everyone has problems at their work from time to time. Usually it is a difference of perception or misunderstanding, and these differences can be resolved when you analyze the situation and talk it through.
  • A lot of problems that interns report have to do with their lack of experience. This is not a fault, you are learning a lot of new skills and about a lot of new situations. Naturally, you will make mistakes from time to time. Most people will work well with you if you admit to making a mistake and show willingness to work it out.
  • Contact the Internship Program Director for further guidance.