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My College Summer Reading


As I prepare to greet the members of the Simmons Class of 2017, I remember bits and pieces of what it was like for me to come to college. I will never forget the three books that we had to read during our summer. As I pulled them down from the bookshelf (an article of furniture which was once used to contain books in their pre-electro-tronic form) I discovered new things about my experience with them.

Although I recalled the three groups of people identified in The Lonely Crowd I wasn't aware that it was a significant sociological study. It was a tough read.

All I remembered about George Apley was that it was set in Beacon Hill. No idea that it had won a Pulitzer or that movies had been made of it. I am inspired to read it again. 

Loved Lord of the Flies. That smudge of red paint over the line drawing of the boy trying to protect himself - it just said, "Horror!" As did the novel.

I haven't found out what the Class of 2017 will be reading, but I look forward to joining them.

Posted by Bob White on June 13, 2013 10:52 AM