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Ice Breaker

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As part of Summer Orientation for the incoming Class of 2017 I attend a luncheon with a group of students and their Orientation Leader. To assist me in the generation of conversation I created a series of drawings and pictures for everyone. Pick one & tell us what you want it to mean or think it is supposed to mean.

For me they are: an alarm clock=schedule your time. Upsidedown it says "bob." a speech balloon=ask to get into courses even when they are closed, two faces=did your mother take a class with me? did your grandmother take a class with me? :), a question mark="I don't know" is a perfectly fine answer, minus & plus=you may drop and add classes as late as 3 weeks into the semester, Hogwarts=consider studying abroad, the light bulb=ideas & at Simmons you are learning how to learn, which you will do for the rest of your life, the Citgo sign=if lost late at night follow the sign to get back to the campus, explore the city of Boston, books=good, baby's raised fist=I am woman from a commercial, the Simmons legacy, the empty square= ...

Posted by Bob White on June 20, 2013 4:48 PM