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I Sing The Body Electric

As I paused to remember, as I often do, the contribution that Ray Bradbury made to my life, I took down a VHS from my dusty shelves. It was Something Wicked This Way Comes. Within the clam shell case, as they call them, was a snippet of an interview with Mr. Bradbury. He was quite pleased with the way that the film adaptation of his novel turned out.

He cited just a few times that an adaptation of his work had met his expectations. One was an NBC broadcast called The Electric Grandmother. I had not seen it, although I knew the story very well. I found it on YouTube. It is a nice little production. It has a great big heart.

As the credits rolled at the end I was surprised. I thought I recognized the name of one of production team. In the digital world we can manipulate time, so I played the credits again. Yes, I knew that name. Simmons alumna Yudi Bennett, who happened to be a Communications major as well, had worked on the film. 

While I crept back through time and memory, I found more than Ray Bradbury. It was a delightful surprise. Just like a story. By the master of time and space. And the imagination.Yudi.jpg

Posted by Bob White on June 20, 2012 2:34 PM