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Dear Diary,
What great news today. We have a publication date for Ellen Grabiner's book. And a cover! Amazon is cagey, saying this book will not arrive by Christmas. Nope. It come out in July. Perhaps it is Christmas somewhere in July. Or is that just for the seasons north and south of the Equator?

And what type face is the title set in on the cover? Papyrus, of course.

About the Book
In the blockbuster film Avatar, science fiction and the technological prowess of director James Cameron meet in a heady concoction that, while visually ravishing, could easily be dismissed as "eye candy." While critics most frequently acclaimed its breakthrough 3-D technology, close scrutiny of the film raises provocative questions about the relationship between mind and body, appearance and reality. It brings into focus the relationships of humans to their technology, their planet, and each other and highlights the nature and potential of film itself. This work explores the theoretical and philosophical issues brought to bear in Avatar, exploring the spaces between human and machine; technology and nature; chick flick and action-adventure; and old-fashioned storytelling and cutting-edge technology. Central to its analysis is an examination of the extent to which Avatar melds the seer and the seen, illuminating an alternative visual paradigm.

About the Author
Ellen Grabiner teaches visual cultural studies and cinema and media studies in the communications department at Simmons College in Boston.

Posted by Bob White on November 30, 2011 12:46 PM