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wait a minute, Mr Postman


Dear Diary,
Got a postcard today. US Mail. I think. It came from England, but it got here to me. So US Mail. Sid Berger is one of the few people who send me picture postcards. He sends great ones. From Canterbury Cathedral Library. Nice old books.

Got me realizing my ignorance. How must postage now for a postcard? Sid's card didn't help being from England with a picture of The Queen on a Worldwide Postcard stamp. Not even pounds and shillings if they use them anymore. See my ignorance is compounded.

Looked it up. Twenty nine cents. $0.29. That's where I found The Little House on the Prairie stamp.

Gotta get out and get some postage stamps.
I wonder which Post Offices are left.

Posted by Bob White on October 3, 2011 2:42 PM