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Dear Diary, It was cool when Leonard Nimoy was in the new Star Trek as a major story element - Spock. He brought a dignity and majesty to The Next Generation when Spock appeared there. I think that he was born in Quincy. I lived there as a kid. He has directed fine films. He has aged gracefully. Such a beautiful face. I hear he will not be in Star Trek 2. I hosted one night of the Star Trek Club on TV. I have been a guest of the BSTA- Boston Star Trek Association- and lectured at Conventions. ( Even though I am a mundane. ) I bought Jimmy Doohan a drink in a bar & drank it with Scotty. It is sad that Nimoy won't be Spock again. There is a picture somewhere in the college archives of me teaching wearing a pair of Spock ears.

Posted by Bob White on October 5, 2011 7:50 PM