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Save The Simpsons


Oh dear, Dear Diary,
This may be the end for The Simpsons. Cartoon contract battles in Cartoon Hollywood. Tunetown singing a sad sad tune.

I really love my Simpsons hat. Me Mom gave it to me long ago. Something she picked up somewhere shopping with the thought, I imagine, "Bobby will like this."

I wore it to the Ottawa International Animation Festival one year. In that yellow tent up there. A rumor got started that I was Matt Groening. It's all in the Hat, ya know. Somebody thought I was one of the Brothers Hildbrandt, or both, they were twins at the time, at a Fanboy Convertion once. I wasn't. Seems like pretty frequently somebody gets it into their head that I am somebody. Well I am, but they mean somebody else.

Posted by Bob White on October 7, 2011 4:52 PM