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Once Upon a Scary Time


Dear Diary,
I had quite a time at Safe Halloween. Quite a fun time. There was a great crew of volunteers who were my Greeting Team. I missed the big old chair I used to sit in there in South Hall Living Room. New furniture, you see. Groups of children were brought before me and to them I read. Then they were gone.

My gosh, the first ones were quite a bit older than I expected. A bit rowdy & talkative. I stood and delivered a big voiced version of chapter 1 of The Halloween Tree, all scary as you can imagine, and when they didn't settle down, I decided that an edit was in order, and I changed the text killing off the central character.

The second ones were very young, so I sat and read the same chapter all gentle and sweet with all the beautiful poetry that Ray Bradbury brings to the page. And in the end our hero is not dead. He comes to the door of his all haunty house and tells his friends, "Sorry that I'm late. Trick of Treat!"

Happy Snowloween to one and all.

Posted by Bob White on October 30, 2011 1:59 PM