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Dear Diary,

I received an email requesting an interview for a blog today. The answers to the interview questions are to be returned by email.

I received a request for a magazine interview last summer. I turned it down. I believe I said I did not want to stand in the spotlight at the time. But I looked at similar features in previous issues of the magazine and I began to demure. When a polite insistence accompanied another request I agreed.

Then my mind started churning. I plotted the number of words that might be allotted to my profile. I imagined questions. I began to write statements which I would use to reply to any question even if the answer had naught to do with the question. I wanted the few words to be true and fine and mine.

I could not help it. I kept writing the interview in my head.

And then the quiet came. There has not been a followup actually setting the date.

Today I thought that I would answer the email-email interview questions with tangents. (Name: I wear Reebok size 10.) Then I thought that I should say that I am saving myself for the magazine interview.

Posted by Bob White on October 20, 2011 4:12 PM