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Dear Diary,

In Blade Runner, J. F. Sebastian lived alone in an apartment building. I never saw any of his neighbors. 

During my last years living at Longwood Towers, I lived alone in one of the Towers. Condo conversion and construction had displaced the rest of the residents. I didn't just live by myself alone. The rest of the apartments were pretty much empty alone.

I loved the quiet. And it was like the place had been art-directed like a movie. Broken everythings cluttered the halls. Alice in Wonderland pathways lead down to the Grand Foyer. One day there would be scaffolding and on another day there would be blocked passages. I might have imagined the sounds of strange creatures approaching. But they were not.

I loved that quiet. I was never disturbed by neighbors talking above me or babies crying below me or loud TVs or arguments or gunshots stabbings or murders.

It was like owning a house. It was like having a

Posted by Bob White on October 9, 2011 3:26 PM