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Dear Diary,
Family Weekend coming up. I made a video with toys to show students how to introduce me to their family members and friends. I learned this half a century ago. i have no idea if this is in Good Behavior & Polite Accomplishment, the volume of ettiquette I frequently consult. (parenthetically, by the way, it used to be Parents' Weekend like Father-Daughter & Mother- Daughter before PC intruded).

I crash Family Weekend. There used to be a Friday afternoon event to meet the faculty. No more. Faculty members used to be invited to ALL the weekend events. Also nada. I imagine they say we stopped the inviting because they didn't come. And they probably say we stopped coming cuz they don't invite us. Sound like Catch-22? Bet nobody remembers when it stopped. When it started.

So I just keep showing up. Wow! You are the only faculty member here!
Everybody visiting during the weekend so likes to chat with the professors.
"Added Value" whateverthatmeans.

So introduce me well.

Posted by Bob White on October 16, 2011 7:46 PM