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10:26 10/26

Dear Diary,
I know someone whose birthday is today. 10/26.
I know that the time of my birth was 10:26.

Today was seven things. 7 was this. 6 was a PBS Mystery on my white iPad. 5 was Chinese Delivery not to be confused with Axel Rose's last sad attempt. 4 was a meeting. 3 was Video Class. 2 was Communications Media. And 1 was breakfast with the remnants of the so-called Breakfast Club which hasn't been the same since Dan Cheever retired.

I have always been fascinated by numbers.

Tonight may be the season's first snow for some.

A friend once did my chart for my birthday knowing the time of my birth.
I can not remember when the stars said my life would end.

Posted by Bob White on October 26, 2011 10:18 PM