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Dear  Diary,

I haven't slept well this weekend. I had to reassure students scheduled to shoot their movies, who discovered that there were no cameras for them, that everything would be all right. Cast, Crew, Catering - all down the tubes. (Although I wonder about "catering.")

I did have such a Good Time Saturday morning being on a faculty panel and entertaining high school seniors & families interested in Simmons. I sang our Pirate Song & made half a dozen references to Harry Potter and the world of communications. All in five minutes!

But I feel like I am walking through old towns with dusty streets and crumbling buildings all around. You think something is going to work because it has worked before and then it breaks in a big way.

I am supposed to get a comment button very soon for you, Diary. But aren't diaries private? Who would admit to reading them?

Posted by Bob White on September 25, 2011 3:45 PM