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Twice as much - the glory


Dear diarySm.jpg

Today I bought a book. On a beautiful September afternoon, I walked to the nearest BOOK store. Not very far.

I paid almost nearly twice as much for it as if I had paid for it at Amazon dot com. It wasn't just because I couldn't WAIT for Amazon to deliver it. I certainly could wait. It wasn't because I couldn't WAIT for the beast-cellar list discount to kick in so I could save money. Nope.

You know what? I really like BOOK stores, and BOOKS and authors and reading novels and beautiful autumn-feeling days. I do wish I could get a facebook filter, though, that would block ALL those kitten and puppies that CONFOUNDEDLY keep showing up.

So I spent an extra $14.60, which is about the price of a bottle of water in our new vending machines, just to like I felt I might SUPPORT the bookworld. The world of books and stuff. Now I don't advocate this for others. You know, I do have a lotta money and everybody else doesn't really also.

Gonna read it now. Right after I close you up, dear diary, and turn the little golden key in yer little golden lock. Click.

Posted by Bob White on September 17, 2011 1:55 PM