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The lineup


Dear Diary, Guardian of my most secret thoughts,

Here they are. 9:30 am. Ready for the 10 o'clock class. Started 3 hours earlier. Organizing as many camcorders as I could lay my hands on for the 20 Com Media filmmakers who were promised a camera for today.

Here they are. The Lineup. Camera bags waiting for adoption like puppies. (I will never post puppy or kitten or baby pictures here. I wish there was an uncute filter for facebook . . .)

I didn't make it. Didn't make the 20. Some wonderful students volunteered to opt out so others could get a camera. Let the wild rumpus of movie making begin!

The winds brought fresh air to Boston in the afternoon. I sat with coffee on a bench behind the Main College Building. I was so tired.. There was a pile of work on my desk, but I took myself a mini vacation. I recommend it to everyone.

Keep my secrets well olde Diary.


Posted by Bob White on September 28, 2011 3:23 PM