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the dark blue apple


Dear Diary, I stepped into the classroom to load a Powerpoint into the computer. What could be more simple? I would talk about the slides. It started up fine. But the monitor looked a bit off. But monitors don't always represent the projection.

I changed slides and the a most curious thing happened. Now when you believe that what you are seeing is reality, and this reality doesn't match previous realities one tends to think the problem is "Good Gravy I am having an anurism! I am having a stroke! They will find me on the floor!! I have lost the perception of the color RED! Have I recently whacked my head!"

You see, I was looking at the cover of Twilight and the apple in Edward's hand was definately not RED. It was dark blue.

When I gathered my senses & realized that it was not me, I rang for help. Thank goodness I had an hour and a half to get a fix or rewrite all my lecture notes that referred to RED and consider skipping over any other comments regarding color.

I did survive, Diary Dear. The apple was red in time for class, but the old professor was deeply frazzled.

Posted by Bob White on September 26, 2011 3:49 PM