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First Day of the Season

Dear Diary,
It has been the most extraordinary day. Oh, I wish I could say that and that it were true. It has been a long day. I went to bed so tired, and awoke so tired, that I took the train and bus as my transport.

I never do that unless the confounded winter sidewalks are frozen over and enemies of the state leave them not shoveled. Those sidewalks are a long ways away.

I take great pride in my classroom presentations. But lately I must do a considerable amount of tinkering with equipment to get it to work. And now it is Thursday, and I have but one Communications Media class to teach tomorrow morning to close out the week.

I did have a remarkable lamb shank last night at Bravo at the MFA. The restaurant has been renovated in the spirit of the new contemporary art wing. I am just as hungry for fine food tonight but I think that smacks of Gluttony. And there is more "deadly" attached to that sin - a supersize me sin.

I shall close your covers now and lock you away from the eyes of the world.


Posted by Bob White on September 22, 2011 4:04 PM