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Open House


Dear Diary,

It didn't rain. Neither last night neither not this morning. But I wore my slicker. Those who have seen it know that it is Electric Tangerine. It is still supposed to. Rain, you know. Closest I got to it was sitting with two chile dogs on the patio umbrella-ed with a pattern of small dots demarket by the round space shielded, on the patio floor.

My Saturday morning will be special. The Dean will welcome high school seniors at an Open House. I will be on a faculty panel. Firstoff I thought I'd do at least a PowerPoint, in fact that was the first thing I was asked this morning when I said where I'd be, "Doing a PowerPoint?" But I was simply speak. I will have of course access to a microphone of course although I can have a BIG voice (shades of Owen Meany) there are subtleties in microphonics.

I always enjoy meeting new students and their parents and friends. AND It is supposed to rain.


Posted by Bob White on September 23, 2011 2:55 PM