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Dear Diary,

Hey how's this. I had a visit in C-103 right at the end of Com Media this morning from an old friend. A wonderful friend. And most importantly an alumna.

 Standing there beaming and saying "I don't know if you remember me . . ." I was just flabbergasted. How could I not remember. Hugs and a delightful conversation with her and her strapping son.  Reminiscences abounded. Let me add just a tiny portrait.

 Loraine Ballard Morrill is currently News Director and Community Affairs Director for Clear Channel Radio's six Philadelphia stations. While News and Public Affairs Director at WUSL-FM Loraine created numerous award winning Community Service Campaigns. A series of radio messages encouraging racial harmony won the Mayor's Award for Excellence. An anti-drug campaign received the White House Award for Private Sector Initiatives and the National Council on Drug Abuse/Entertainment Industry Council Award for Excellence.

 ... and she liked my classes.



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angelemm.jpg diarySm.jpg

Dear Diary,
I really like to read aloud. Frequently it is in church. Today was the Feast of the Angels. I got to read about the Battle Between Satan and the Angels. Bad Angels and Good Angels. Very dramatic stuff. Great beginning for a perfect day.

The morning was pretty exhausting. When I made time to rest, somehow I remembered traveling in Switzerland long ago and stopping for the night at a guest house. The bed was a pile of down comforters. Soft. Everywhere. It was as if I was within a peaceful cocoon ... peaceful ... restful ... so won der   ful . . .



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Dear Diary, Guardian of my most secret thoughts,

Here they are. 9:30 am. Ready for the 10 o'clock class. Started 3 hours earlier. Organizing as many camcorders as I could lay my hands on for the 20 Com Media filmmakers who were promised a camera for today.

Here they are. The Lineup. Camera bags waiting for adoption like puppies. (I will never post puppy or kitten or baby pictures here. I wish there was an uncute filter for facebook . . .)

I didn't make it. Didn't make the 20. Some wonderful students volunteered to opt out so others could get a camera. Let the wild rumpus of movie making begin!

The winds brought fresh air to Boston in the afternoon. I sat with coffee on a bench behind the Main College Building. I was so tired.. There was a pile of work on my desk, but I took myself a mini vacation. I recommend it to everyone.

Keep my secrets well olde Diary.



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Dear Diary,

WHAT a busy day. Perhaps this deserves an exclamation point.  !
In the midst of it all I got a chance to say goodbye to Jen Roy and Melinda Weekes, our Catholic & Protestant Chaplains, respectively.

It was a magnificent luncheon in appreciation of the contributions these fine women have made to our community.

It was an oasis of peace for me, preceeded by the seemingly unending search for video cameras for my students, and followed by an attempt to unravel the Gordian knot. Swirl whirl twist and tie.



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Dear Diary, I stepped into the classroom to load a Powerpoint into the computer. What could be more simple? I would talk about the slides. It started up fine. But the monitor looked a bit off. But monitors don't always represent the projection.

I changed slides and the a most curious thing happened. Now when you believe that what you are seeing is reality, and this reality doesn't match previous realities one tends to think the problem is "Good Gravy I am having an anurism! I am having a stroke! They will find me on the floor!! I have lost the perception of the color RED! Have I recently whacked my head!"

You see, I was looking at the cover of Twilight and the apple in Edward's hand was definately not RED. It was dark blue.

When I gathered my senses & realized that it was not me, I rang for help. Thank goodness I had an hour and a half to get a fix or rewrite all my lecture notes that referred to RED and consider skipping over any other comments regarding color.

I did survive, Diary Dear. The apple was red in time for class, but the old professor was deeply frazzled.


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Dear  Diary,

I haven't slept well this weekend. I had to reassure students scheduled to shoot their movies, who discovered that there were no cameras for them, that everything would be all right. Cast, Crew, Catering - all down the tubes. (Although I wonder about "catering.")

I did have such a Good Time Saturday morning being on a faculty panel and entertaining high school seniors & families interested in Simmons. I sang our Pirate Song & made half a dozen references to Harry Potter and the world of communications. All in five minutes!

But I feel like I am walking through old towns with dusty streets and crumbling buildings all around. You think something is going to work because it has worked before and then it breaks in a big way.

I am supposed to get a comment button very soon for you, Diary. But aren't diaries private? Who would admit to reading them?


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Dear Diary,

It didn't rain. Neither last night neither not this morning. But I wore my slicker. Those who have seen it know that it is Electric Tangerine. It is still supposed to. Rain, you know. Closest I got to it was sitting with two chile dogs on the patio umbrella-ed with a pattern of small dots demarket by the round space shielded, on the patio floor.

My Saturday morning will be special. The Dean will welcome high school seniors at an Open House. I will be on a faculty panel. Firstoff I thought I'd do at least a PowerPoint, in fact that was the first thing I was asked this morning when I said where I'd be, "Doing a PowerPoint?" But I was simply speak. I will have of course access to a microphone of course although I can have a BIG voice (shades of Owen Meany) there are subtleties in microphonics.

I always enjoy meeting new students and their parents and friends. AND It is supposed to rain.



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Dear Diary,
It has been the most extraordinary day. Oh, I wish I could say that and that it were true. It has been a long day. I went to bed so tired, and awoke so tired, that I took the train and bus as my transport.

I never do that unless the confounded winter sidewalks are frozen over and enemies of the state leave them not shoveled. Those sidewalks are a long ways away.

I take great pride in my classroom presentations. But lately I must do a considerable amount of tinkering with equipment to get it to work. And now it is Thursday, and I have but one Communications Media class to teach tomorrow morning to close out the week.

I did have a remarkable lamb shank last night at Bravo at the MFA. The restaurant has been renovated in the spirit of the new contemporary art wing. I am just as hungry for fine food tonight but I think that smacks of Gluttony. And there is more "deadly" attached to that sin - a supersize me sin.

I shall close your covers now and lock you away from the eyes of the world.



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Imagine if you will, as Rod Serling used to say at the beginning of The Twilight Zone, a sweete and elderly professor. Each morning he enters his classroom, and each morning he finds everything rearranged.

We are not talking seats and desks. We are talking TECHNOLOGY.

Today Dear diarySm.jpg
The new DVD player had not been authorized for a Region Code. It would not play DVDs. The remote to select the VHS player was not functioning properly. In order for today's presentations to work at all, two separate computers had to be engaged.

... and don't think that the Professor has not asked for help...


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"What if God was one of us?
Just a stranger on the bus."


Dear Diary,
Jen Roy, Chaplain to the Catholic Community and
Melinda Weekes, Chaplain to the Protestant Community
are both leaving Simmons.

Just this morning I attended the first daily Mass of the semester at the Emmanuel College Chapel.

Te rogamus audi nos.
That has a nice ring to it.


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Dear Diary,
The New York Times THE NEW SEASON sections are TOO TOO TOO big and vast and wonderful TO read and be finished with on a Sunday which is the point of the SUNDAY Times is it naught?

This tome-ish paper may dig into and interfere with my Vigil Anticipating the Resurrection, one might say, I do, OF TWO AND A HALF MEN.

I wonder if the world still tolerates the Readers' Digest Editions of newzpaperz and toast.


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Department of Communications Receives - 2011 Program of Excellence Award.

". . . affirms the Communications program's interactive, student-centered, and creative approach to communication education. Taken collectively, the department's courses honor the discipline's past, but also address students' future needs to have adaptable skills and analytical abilities in today's globalized information society. The courses repeatedly emphasize the necessity to apply communication theory and skills to real-world problems. As it blends academic knowledge with professional practice, the program integrates media convergence in its courses, projects, study abroad opportunities, and internships. "
The Undergraduate College and University Section of the National Communication Association

Yo, diarySm.jpg Diary, Cool.


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Dear diarySm.jpg

Today I bought a book. On a beautiful September afternoon, I walked to the nearest BOOK store. Not very far.

I paid almost nearly twice as much for it as if I had paid for it at Amazon dot com. It wasn't just because I couldn't WAIT for Amazon to deliver it. I certainly could wait. It wasn't because I couldn't WAIT for the beast-cellar list discount to kick in so I could save money. Nope.

You know what? I really like BOOK stores, and BOOKS and authors and reading novels and beautiful autumn-feeling days. I do wish I could get a facebook filter, though, that would block ALL those kitten and puppies that CONFOUNDEDLY keep showing up.

So I spent an extra $14.60, which is about the price of a bottle of water in our new vending machines, just to like I felt I might SUPPORT the bookworld. The world of books and stuff. Now I don't advocate this for others. You know, I do have a lotta money and everybody else doesn't really also.

Gonna read it now. Right after I close you up, dear diary, and turn the little golden key in yer little golden lock. Click.


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Dear diarySm.jpg Diary,

Yeah, that's you, Diary.

That's me aunt Dot. In the picture there. She is me Godmother, too, like also.
She's a keeper she is. You can tell, can't ya just lookin at the picture. I'm like goin hey I gotta have a picture of me Godmother and she's just grabbin onto me beard and makin a mustachio fer herself!

My sweete wunderful Godmother is 90 today.
Love her dearly.
See ya later, Diary.


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diarySm.jpgDear Diary, L e (not A) f (not F) a v (not F, hard to believe I know) o u r

The First President of Simmons College was Henry Lefavour and my glorious office is in a building named after him.

Oh! Diary, in a spell-checkering world, why is this name so frequently curiously spelled?


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Oh Dear, Dear Diary,
Oh Oh Oh!
Before class the classroom projector wasn't working.
When it got fixed, the VHS player wouldn't work so I shifted over to the DVD player in the computer.
The DVD wouldn't play and got stuck, so I shifted over to movies I had on the computer.
But I REALLY needed the DVD player for my Video Class, so I ended up with a laptop that played the DVD but didn't have the software I was demonstrating in class.

I am so like gonna put everything on my iPad,
and learn how to make shadow puppets . . .


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Dear Diary,
I awoke Startled
From a Dream
That I had slipped
On Ice
That I Was Falling.


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Dear Diary,
I got some money for my birthday. I promised to sent thank you notes and tell my benefactor that I bought like a book with it. The money, you know.

I had been reading Game of Thrones. All catch up with the HBO even though I don't have cable.

I know Jo Knowles. I met her in my class. I read her brand new book Pearl this summer. (She signed it for me.) I put Game of Thrones aside. I bought Jumping Off Swings with some birthday money.

You just will not believe how much I LOVE reading a book by Jo Knowles.


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Dear Diary
I had the honor of reading the Proclamation announcing the start of the academic year at Convocation.
Protected from the rain, President Drinan and I talked about the magic of rainbows.


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diarySm.jpg Dear Diary,

I am listening to the Peter Gunn soundtrack album from 1958. Henry Mancini jazz.
My coffee is from Amy at the Sami's in front of Vanderbilt Hall at Harvard Med.
I am unwinding from Day One of Communications Media. I have at least one daughter of an alumna who took the class a while ago.

I have a stack of presents and cards to attend to later on.
Flowers and an Aloha Shirt have arrived.
Today in my Eleventy First Birthday. Like Bilbo Baggins.


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diarySm.jpgDear Diary,
I ran my first day of school Animation Class off my iPad 2. It was a terribly rainy morning. All the wonderful young women arrived on time despite the weather. I was checking out the classroom at 6:30. Hey! What? Only three hours before class.


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Dear Diary,
You are as new as the school year. But you are the kind of book that I love. An old book. An old book to fill with my thoughts. (And maybe my secrets.) Hello, Diary. Hello, New Year.


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