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Gold Medal for COMMTRACKS

For the second year in a row, the Department of Communications' CommTracks magazine, which is produced in Studio5, has been named a Gold Medalist by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, which is affiliated with the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University.

The editorial team for the 2011 edition included Lydia Harding, Maureen Azor, Hilary Trott, Moira Quinn and Rayah Alazzouni. Bryn Adler and Amanda Gross were Copy Editors.

The magazine also earned additional All-Columbian Honors for special merit in its content. All-Columbian Honors are only awarded when a publication has achieved the 95th percentile or higher in one or more of the three categories of judging: Organization, Content (which includes both writing and visuals), and Design.
According to the judges the "writing is to the point, but still contains the culture of the school and the communications department. Well done." The judges added, "Students must appreciate your effort to staying focussed on the student body, or recent alumnae. Again, well done."

The design also received high praise: "Love the consistent use of a visual theme, yet not too repetitive. Soft colors work well, even though more tempting to use bold colors. Great display of your working knowledge of how to use color in a publication."

Studio5 is a student-run professional communications agency in the department. The 2011 edition is the sixth volume produced by Studio5, and the second to be entered in the CSPA's critique and contest competitions.

Posted by Bob White on July 20, 2011 2:57 PM