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A special event to celebrate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. This event included remarks from Political Science professor, Leanne Doherty and offered an opportunity for the community to participate in writing letters of hope, encouragement, and get well wishes. These letters will be collected and sent to Scripps College, where they will also honor Congresswoman Giffords. As an undergraduate women's college, we believe Simmons has an important role to play and commitment to stand by other women's institutions and their outstanding alumnae.


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"Good Friends!" was how President Dan Cheever used to begin each of his public meetings. He always spoke with enthusiasm. With that enthusiasm and spirit of friendship he established a few new traditions here at Simmons College.

One such tradition was the presentation of the Service Awards. Every member of the faculty and staff was feted as they reached five year plateaus of employment. The tradition remains.

The good Doctor Professor David Browder and I walked through the portals of this fine institution at the same time. Every so often we refer to ourselves as classmates. We are of the same year. There were several others who arrived at the same time back then. Several others have gone.

This spring, as we move through the calendar of the academic year, David and I will be moving toward an anniversary. Four decades have come and gone. It seems just amazingly impossible to me. Sometimes I feel dizzyingly bewildered and giddy. And I guess at what is going on behind David Browder's radiant smile.

We made it. We are here. And. We are still at it.


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