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How the semester begins

It is a far cry from the typewriters and photocopiers of Simmons long ago. Typing and printing and collating and stapling were all accomplished by hand. The results were aesthetically limited, although Simmons women and their faculty members learned to make do, even if it involved the rubbing of Letterset type onto paper. Beauty can always be manufactured in the end.

I love to make the Handbooks for my courses at the beginning of each semester. Sometimes it involves minimal changes like rejiggering the dates from year to year. Other times it involves a major rewrite addressing something new and exciting in the curriculum. I am doing all that right now. What once was accomplished by hand is now accomplished by hand and Mouse. You know, the one for the computer.

What have we added quite new and exciting this year? Make a picture book of no more than the 300 or so words in Where The Wild Things Are, and if you like, your words may be Written by Hand. With pictures you draw or paint. By Hand.

Posted by Bob White on January 1, 2010 1:31 PM