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Whilst I was riding The Halloween Elevator, the one in the Main College Building that screams like a banshee as the cables scrape over the suspension mechanism threatening to snap and plunge me in my metal cage, my metal coffin, to my premature demise; yes, whilst . . . it occurred to me that it was indeed October and indeed Halloween time.

I have been invited to read stories appropriate to Halloween to children at the Safe Halloween event at the end of this month. Everyone is invited to attend. Children are such an unruly audience. They are the breed who while very young take pleasure in their aeroplane flights. You know, the crying and the hooting and the hollering. While about the age of the attendees at the Safe Halloween they never quiet down and listen. They are overmuch boisterous and, dare I say in portmanteau, GIRLsterous.

My response is to simply outshout them. And outscare them. My reward is their tears. And now I must mention that, as in the past, in the time of traditions, I have been invited to read for gatherings of students in their dormitories. So, invite away. I am very good at Bed Time Stories.

By the way, I am also available for readings appropriate to the Holiday Formerly Known as Christmas.

Posted by Bob White on October 14, 2009 3:20 PM