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September 2009 Archives

Just as I am finished reading the glowing review of Drew Barrymore's feature film directorial debut in Variety, I see that Alison is retiring from roller derby. The movie is called WHIP IT and Drew, Ellen Page and Kristen Wiig are seen in the photo above. Let's imagine that the movie will be a fitting tribute to our Malicen. Rock and roll on.


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Comment on Farewell, Maggie Bush.



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"Let the Academic Year Begin! Let The Wild Rumpus Start!"


Comment on 2009 Honors Convocation.

Simmons has many families within many communities. I am most fortunate to have good friends.


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'Tis (Oh where does that apostrophe go?) Back to School time. And (should I begin a sentence with "And"?) before the first week is out, concerned students begin to make their voices heard. I might say that faculty and staff members are put out as well around breakfast time, but let's let that be an addendum. Stay tuned, good people.


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