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August 2009 Archives

To the delight of One & All, our own ice cream truck appeared in the MCB Plaza as a special treat for the Simmons Community. Even a thunder shower couldn't "dampen" our spirits!


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The 2009-2010 Academic Year begins in a few short weeks. Here is where it all happens before each class. Notes, files, books, and movies come off the shelves and out of the desk drawers each weekend in preparation for the classes that I teach. They are Animation, Video Production, and a course many Alumnae remember - Communications Media. Take a good look. This will be the last time the office is cleaned up for a long time.


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The Plaza behind the Main College Building has three newly installed benches. The Uncommonly Nice Bench sits near to a shade tree and faces the lawn. The Stoney Bench sits upon the concrete runway sidewalk. The Am-I-Waiting-for-a-Bus-at-this-Stop Bench boasts an unimpeded view of Dumpsters. If given the choice, I can be found upon the first.


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Posting facebook profiles gives me the opportunity to endlessly create self-portraits.


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The Gym is a wonderful place to hold a basketball game. Or a dance, like in high school. At one time Honors Convocation was held outside. Folding chairs facing a small stage. A beautiful autumn afternoon. A small gathering of the families and friends of the honorees. Some resident students peeked out of their dormitory windows. Two years ago the President welcomed First Year students and their families on the Quad. Folding chairs facing a big stage with a huge audience. A beautiful autumn afternoon.


Comment on turn on the A/C several hrs before Honors Convocation if you don't want me & your audience to... MELT!.

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