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My Old Books

I take comfort from my library. Comfort from my old books. I had only a few paperbacks when I entered college. When I left college I had boxes of them. The most precious I packed in a suitcase and carried to my first apartment. Then on to the shelves in my office, as time sped by.

If you take comfort from your books then you know what I mean.

In The Time Machine movie from the H. G. Wells novel, we see the signs of the decay of civilization in the far future by the way they have neglected their books. They crumble in the hands of the reader as he attempts to turn the pages. I have loved my books and cared for my books, but they are beginning to crumble. I guess paperback novels weren't made to last this long.

I still like to see them. They remind me of the days when I discovered them. And when I held them fresh and new and filled with the promise of adventure.

Posted by Bob White on June 13, 2009 10:19 AM