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Calvin tells me stories

Summer school semester uno is coming to an end. It ain't summer in 2009. It is as rainy as a Victorian London novel or a Los Angeles film-noir. When I arrive in the morning for my breakfast, with my breakfast, if Calvin is on a break, he often tells me stories. He has a wealth of lore. Now, you see, Professor White loves to play with words, and 'he has a wealth of lore' is a very playful sentence that will get you in trouble from a writing teacher whot marks with a blue pencil or a red pen. "Whot" of course is another malappropriate. Last week I was showing Disney in class and before class Cal launched into his love for the Beach Party movies. He is a fan of many much movies and things. Disney and Annette Funicello after the Mickey Mouse Club and all. He, Cal, rhapsodized upon each in the series and then made mention of the Annette TV biography "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." Summer is supposed to be about the beach every so often. When the weather isn't cooperating, remembering old movies can help. When Frankie and Annette ruled the sands.

Posted by Bob White on June 23, 2009 12:40 PM