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Comment on Happy Fiscal New Year's Eve.

Remember when you first visited Simmons? Remember your Orientation? The members of the class of 2013 come to their Summer Preview during these last days of June. It is indeed an exciting time.


Comment on 2013 arrives.

Summer school semester uno is coming to an end. It ain't summer in 2009. It is as rainy as a Victorian London novel or a Los Angeles film-noir. When I arrive in the morning for my breakfast, with my breakfast, if Calvin is on a break, he often tells me stories. He has a wealth of lore. Now, you see, Professor White loves to play with words, and 'he has a wealth of lore' is a very playful sentence that will get you in trouble from a writing teacher whot marks with a blue pencil or a red pen. "Whot" of course is another malappropriate. Last week I was showing Disney in class and before class Cal launched into his love for the Beach Party movies. He is a fan of many much movies and things. Disney and Annette Funicello after the Mickey Mouse Club and all. He, Cal, rhapsodized upon each in the series and then made mention of the Annette TV biography "A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes." Summer is supposed to be about the beach every so often. When the weather isn't cooperating, remembering old movies can help. When Frankie and Annette ruled the sands.


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Comment on the yogi, the key & me.

When 'The Grande Lawne' or 'The Great Green Space' opened in the back of the Main College Building, I wrote about the 'People's Path' which slowly appeared as we moved from building to building. Shortly before Reunion 2009, and after the Untimely Migration of the Canadian Geese to poopulate about, a new sidewalk was constructed. Not only does it make perambulation more comfortable, it will soon offer a bench for weary travelers or lunchtime readers. Take note, there is a concrete slab.


Comment on the people's feet have spoken.

Braddlee, who has ably served the College since 1999 as Director of Academic Technology and the Pottruck Technology Resource Center has announced he will be leaving Simmons at the end of June to assume a new role as Dean of Libraries, Instructional Technology and Online Learning for Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York. Over the past decade, many of the important advancements Simmons has made in technology, teaching and learning are the result of his work and the work of the Academic Technology team, and we wish him the very best in this exciting new opportunity.


Comment on Braddlee Farewell Gathering.

I take comfort from my library. Comfort from my old books. I had only a few paperbacks when I entered college. When I left college I had boxes of them. The most precious I packed in a suitcase and carried to my first apartment. Then on to the shelves in my office, as time sped by.

If you take comfort from your books then you know what I mean.

In The Time Machine movie from the H. G. Wells novel, we see the signs of the decay of civilization in the far future by the way they have neglected their books. They crumble in the hands of the reader as he attempts to turn the pages. I have loved my books and cared for my books, but they are beginning to crumble. I guess paperback novels weren't made to last this long.

I still like to see them. They remind me of the days when I discovered them. And when I held them fresh and new and filled with the promise of adventure.


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Comment on the Simmons gate.

I just read Alisa Libby's most recent entry on writing. Loved it. I recently finished her book The King's Rose. Loved it. I wonder if this wonderful prolific writer will become the champion of reconnect as her number of entries grows and grows. Ahhhh a few people have 3 or 4. Would that they would write to us a bit more.

The books are closing on the academic year. Last weekend's Reunion was jampacked funfilled extra extra extravaganzalated. Commencement and goodbyes. Reunion with hello goodbyes.

Now I am teaching summer school. Summer's cool as I refer to it on facebook. Have been since immediately after Commencement. It's like a paperback next to a hardbound. My summer's cool class will close it's paperback covers in three short weeks. Then my summer begins. Ready in sure enuff time for July 4th.

Gotta find some novels for be reading. Yes indeed.


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