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Reunion Weekend 2009

Only a few days until Reunion Weekend 2009. This summer's first big big blockbuster movie was something called STAR TREK. When I first came to Simmons to teach Professor Dorothy Williams' Communications Media course I had a microphone, some TVs, slide and 16mm film projectors. I ventured a visit to Greenwich Village in Manhattan and returned with several large and heavy metal cans which looked like big pizza plates. They contained 16mm prints of some episodes of the STAR TREK TV show. Paramount, it seems, didn't value the series enough to actually take the time to file the copyright papers on it. It wasn't actually illegal to buy these prints. STAR TREK and a paperback on the behind the scenes making of the show became staples in the course.

I am shown above in black and white lecturing with images from the KUNG FU TV series and wearing Vulcan Mr Spock pointed ears. That is how some returning alumnae remember me.

Posted by Bob White on May 27, 2009 12:58 PM