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Art & Music Gala & endings

What are you going to do tonight? Well, I am going to one of my favorite events. It is the Art & Music Departments Gala. 5:30 start in the Paresky Center. It is one of the many many many end of the years events at Simmons. Like last week's Senior-Faculty Banquet, pictured above. Gotta tell you there is a feel-good exhaustion that overcomes me, like having run a marathon (never did, never will), when all this comes to an end. Sweete sweete music Friday May First 7 pm Alumnae Hall, me serenaded by 3 Simmons vocal groups. ...............................The Art & Music Liaison cordially invite you to attend a sophisticated night of art, music, and creative writing!

Doors will open at 5:30pm and the first performance will be at 5:45pm.

There will be a student art exhibit, musical performances, and readings from Simmons students.

The Gala will also be raffling/auctioning exquisite student art work for $10 a ticket as a fundraiser for next year's Gala and other cultural activities on campus.

Proper Dress Recommended

PLEASE BRING YOUR FRIENDS! Simmons, Alumnae, Outside of Simmons, Family, and Neighbors are welcome!

Posted by Bob White on April 28, 2009 3:28 PM