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Olde Books, Goode Books

I can't remember when I first searched out an old book on the internetz. I had been buying from Amazon for a long time. Often times around Christmas as presents for others. Good books. It was a rainy day, cup of tea with honey, LP on the turntable kind of day that brought my childhood library to mind. Across the street from 678 Pleasant Street, yes, I grew up on Pleasant Street, there was a small room in the grammar school set aside for the library. There I found the Mushroom Planet. I was probably 10 years old. Oh, how I came to love that book ever so much. The rain was part of it. Sometime while I was reading it, I was daydreaming it as I walked to school, and it was raining. How do this memories get vividly stuck in the rivulets of the brain?

So, half a century plus some change later, I felt the urge to hold Stowaway To The Mushroom Planet in my hands. Not a paperback reissue or a reprint, but something as nearly that book that I loved back then. Someone had a copy out there in the world held together by the spidery filaments of that electronic kind of dream thing. For small money my book came nicely protected in a package along with a handwritten note from the woman who was cleaning out her library. My goodness, what small joys are possible in this life. For me, so many of them may be found with books.

Posted by Bob White on March 5, 2009 4:02 AM