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YouTube.MeTube.I make movies.William Gibson wrote about:the footage:in his 2003 novel Pattern Recognition.[YouTube(2005)MeTube(2007)].Nearly 1300 people,mostly in France,have viewed my Emile Cohl animation.The French they say are fond of Jerry Lewis as well.Because of the technoir limitations of YouTube my first postings were rather chunky.fine in peanutbutter but.Recently I have taken advantage of YouTube upgrades to post higher quality copies of some of my movies.During the ChristmasWinter break I have filled my time turning away from academic responsibilities with working on a new animation.Like a painter approaching the canvas catching the morning sunlight cup of coffee and brush in hand I greet the glowing phosphores of the screen and the wrinkly crinkly pages of my notebooks and storyboard sketches.I.Am.A.Frequent.Suffererer.Of.EyeStrain.

Posted by Bob White on January 10, 2009 9:53 AM