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I have long known about a landscaping "experiment" or at least I have heard fragments of the story. A college created a greenspace and the question was asked, "Where shall we put the walkways?" It was decided that the green should be planted, and that nothing else should be done. As time went by and the college came alive with the comings and goings, the walkings and fallings, the sittings down and the gettings up, and an occasional cuddling, then the places for the walkways became clear.

Then it was said, "Build beautiful walkways here."

The greenspace, which dreamed one time of being a garden, behind the Main College Building, has ever so many concrete walkways, vast and grand and wide. They are there by grand design, I am sure. Off to one side is the path which I love. It is the one made by the people who walk where they do in their comings and goings, and perhaps even their dancing on the grass.


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One of my great, great pleasures of December's at Simmons College is sitting and relaxing with Susan. High atop the new Lefavour Building, with the cold damp outside, I can sip cider and nibble on homemade cookies whilst listening to my dear friend speak about the Best Children's and Young Adult Books of this last year.

The theme was "Eating Up The World" - a celebration of life, and eating literally and figuratively - accompanied by gastronomically visualized cookies in the shapes of mouths. Piles of picture books and a few novels end up all over the floor at Susan's feet, where she gently placed them, like children may do as they release their books to gravity next to their beds as they as well fall off to sleep.


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The Simmons College Concert Choir, under the direction of Danica Buckley, presented "Stopping By Woods on A Snowy Evening" Music of the Season and Simmons Step Songs on Friday December 5 at Alumnae Hall. This was one of the many end of semester events on Campus and it was fantastic.


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