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Winter Wonderland and and

The last weeks of the semester are chuck full chock full of joyous events. This week I am frequenting the Craft Sale. All the things that I can't do - you know, needle and thread, crochez, poutpouri - I buy hats and scarves, pins and drawings, and that unexpected surprise I find on a table hidden in the back.

I also get to feast at the Winter Wonderland banquet, although it is almost indigestion time, because I get to judge the Displays created around the Resident Quad and in the dormitory living rooms. Wonderful wonderful. And it is all followed by the Festival of Lights.

As my week ends I find the perfect weekend relaxation at the Sirens Winter Concert. And this is just one week. I have dusted off my red mittens, and red hat, and red coat trimmed with ermine . . . but i cannot say more lest i reveal my secret identity. Oh 'twill be good fun!

Posted by Bob White on November 29, 2008 2:46 PM