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The last weeks of the semester are chuck full chock full of joyous events. This week I am frequenting the Craft Sale. All the things that I can't do - you know, needle and thread, crochez, poutpouri - I buy hats and scarves, pins and drawings, and that unexpected surprise I find on a table hidden in the back.

I also get to feast at the Winter Wonderland banquet, although it is almost indigestion time, because I get to judge the Displays created around the Resident Quad and in the dormitory living rooms. Wonderful wonderful. And it is all followed by the Festival of Lights.

As my week ends I find the perfect weekend relaxation at the Sirens Winter Concert. And this is just one week. I have dusted off my red mittens, and red hat, and red coat trimmed with ermine . . . but i cannot say more lest i reveal my secret identity. Oh 'twill be good fun!


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In mid November I had the pleasure of being a runway model for the first time in my life. The Fashion with Impact Fashion Show promoted fashion brands committed to sustainable fabrics and fair labor practices. I was the special Faculty Ethical Fashion Makeover

It was an amazing time. The Paresky Center was packed - standing room only - with 30 student volunteer models, vendor tables, for an informative and entertaining evening.


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Postcard to the Editor of the Simmons Voice

What confounded, bureaucratic folderol! (Folderol is a word which means "nonsense" or b.s. in the vernacular.) Aramark insists on carding everyone at the Senior Faculty Toast. Young & old. Rich & poor. Folderol!

At the finest of restaurants my underage date is often carded, but I am not. At the sleaziest of dives my underage date may be carded, but I am not. Shame on Aramark for not behaving like Simmons deserves the finest service. It was a professional discourtesy to all.

Bob White
Advising Professor to Underage Students and Friends


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The first thing I did when I saw the "Please Don't Walk On The New Grass" signs, sitting on the new grass at the Speed Racer Go-Cart and Skateboard Plaza behind the Main College Building, was . . . to WALK ON THE GRASS.

We just don't NEED any more rules. We just don't need any more DON'Ts. Give the students, faculty and staff something. "Hey! Enjoy the new grass. It won't be here long anyway. Winter's coming. Please DANCE on the new grass."

All we get is save money here. Save money there. No raises this year. Broken cookies only at this event. (I made that one up, sorry.) Why not Dance on the Confounded Grass?

Bob White
Cheerleading Professor of Communications


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sr fac toast 08.jpg


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Dear Simmons College,When will the Good News come?

What will the Good News be?

"The Class of 2012 is 450 strong." Have to wait until next September.

"The College has balanced its budget, is out of debt, and is financially superhealthy again." Who knows when.

"I got a big raise." Hmmm, usually around December 7.

"Major friends of Simmons have donated millions." Money, Money & Money.

Performance artists were in the Trustman Gallery not long ago. One young barefoot woman filled pill casings with a mysterious substance then offered them to passersby. Another young woman invited people to assemble eye glasses from raw onion rings. Holding them up to her eyes, she wept along with each of her guests.A young woman with a generous but impish smile approached me and asked if she could hold my hand. I acquiesced (a word which means, "yes yes yes yes yes" with apologies to Lemony Snicket and James Joyce). This was her performance.

The Good News does not have to be about treasure. It can be about . . . song. There will be much singing at the College between now and . . . then. Will you be there?

Bob White Cheerful Professor of Communications


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