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September 28 Simmons Voice

When the Department of Communications launched the careers of the women who grace the Wall of Honor, Professor Alden Poole was Chair.

When then Interim President Dan Cheever first addressed the Simmons community publicly, he had a timeline of the college posted as we entered and we added personal comments with our Magic Markers. During the gathering Dan saw that I had listed my own birthday and asked what I'd like as a present. I asked him for the President's reserved parking space which he had just given up along with the idea of an Imperial Presidency. He appreciated my sense of humor. I did not receive the space.

When President Susan Scrimshaw responded to my fears that the "grassy quad" would be all concrete, she said, "My dream is of a green 'urban oasis', with trees (yes, they will grow), with a corner or two to sit and read a book or think.I dream of paths which are not straight, but which force us to break our deliberate strides.I see art, and a lot of green." Oh well, I guess we can always spray paint it.

When Gwen Ifill moderates the vice presidential debates I will be remembering. I paid good cash money to attend Simmons' First Black Alumnae Symposium, and I cut her out of the crowd and greeted her in what was seen as a mutual bear hug. She surprised me years before by recognizing me sitting at the bar of a fine hotel (I must have been there by accident) and by delighting her friends by clearly enunciating my name. And proclaiming some imaginary nonsense about the professor with the long white beard. Hugs ensued. She always mentions Professor Alden Poole. And Gwen Ifill so loves Simmons.

Posted by Bob White on October 20, 2008 3:57 PM