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September 21 Simmons Voice

It is not on page 29 of the 2008-2010 Catalog. At least I couldn't find it there when I looked. Honor Code of Responsibility. Where the heck was it?

I found it on-line. Student Handbook. You see I was wondering if students are supposed to turn in other students they see cheating? Do they still tell you that?

I had to look under "Judicial System" to find that. My gosh what a lot of her/him & she/he. What's wrong with "they" and "them"? But I digress. Did I put that question mark in the right place at that close quote?

So, see cheating? Be encouraged to urge the person to report themselves.

You see, I got this e-mail from Human Resources about "whistle blowing", a new Simmons policy on reporting financial slugmuggery. I was a bit taken aback. Of course my "morale" not to be confused with my morals, is extraordinarily high - it has to be to attain the rank and title of Cheerful Professor. But the morale of many of my colleagues is pretty dismal, considering the financial state of this institution outlined on the Voice's front page last week.

My first reaction was first (yes, I said that twice), "Is this the best way to bolster morale, Human Resources?" and then to huff and puff with all kinds of ideas to report to the secret whistle blowing website. My gosh, you know, it was millions of dollars.

I am Googeling "punctuation and quotation marks" now.

Oh, do you think I got around to making a point?

Posted by Bob White on October 20, 2008 3:34 PM