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Oct 9 Simmons Voice

When Bianca J. ("You're a star, yes you are, yes you are . . .") spoke, forever, at Commencement, forever, she insulted the United States, was booed, and I was embarrassed. Mortified.

When Eve Ensler, author of The Vagina Monologues, spoke at Commencement, she was wonderful, thrilling and fantastic. I was proud. Thrilled. In awe.

As David Gullette teaches his Shakespeare class this semester he is doing it for the last time.

Shakespeare. The curriculum of St. John's College is based exclusively on the most important books of Western Civilization. I envy them. I have no use for technology which is not functioning as I need it, when I need it. Shakespeare is a good read.

Before Christmas was politically uncorrect (P.unC.) David Gullette read at the Simmons Christmas Concert along with deans, students and presidents. I saw him read scary stories in the dorm living rooms for halloween. I have a video of him reading A Child's Christmas in Wales. I saw him perform Samuel Beckett's play Krapp's Last Tape in a small, theatre room in Cambridge.

Did I say that David "reads"? David Gullette simply transcends the spoken word every time he performs. Skip your meetings, meals and classes, and sneak into Shakespeare.

Posted by Bob White on October 22, 2008 2:47 PM