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It is hard to believe that it all started long ago.


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My summer animation project is coming to an end. My character seems to bear a striking resemblance to a professor with a long white beard.


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Communications Faculty Marching in Commencement.

Memorial Service for President Holmes.

Orientation for the class of 2018.

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I had the Honor of welcoming the Simmons Community to the Investiture of our new Dean of the Graduate School of Library & Information Science.


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I have been using a version of this wonderful old lantern slide projectionist for many years. And since it has been many years, my image manipulation now features the professor with long White hair and beard, rather than the previous black. And the Quite Interesting course is Communications Media. Designing the syllabus handbook cover has been quite a lot of fun. Several little elements added to bring the design together.


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The tent was a Giant this year. It arrived like the skeleton of a whaling ship upsidedown in the Quad behind the Main College Building.

It was my Honor to read the Proclamation announcing the start of the Academic Year. And it was a most beautiful day.



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I have a steamer trunk with a heavy padlock that I keep in a cool, dark place. All Summer long.

Before the Classroom can come alive again, the trunk has to be dragged out, exposed to sunlight, memories of Summer, and the promise of crisp Autumn New England Air.

Let the Fun Begin.



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It was a Glorious Gathering that I attended deep in the Summer.

Surrounded by the Joy of Reading. And the Joy of Writing. It was like waking up on a July Morning in Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine.



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